Shai Hills Reserve


The Shai Hills Reserve is a comparatively small fenced area, about 48km2 and made up largely of savanna covered plains, A mosaic of forest covers the 5 separate hills in the reserve, while grassland and low dry forests are found in intervening canyons.

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The baboon troop at the front gate can be very amusing, but be warned these are dangerous animals and they love to snatch your unattended personal belongings! In addition to the natural beauty and game viewing potential of the reserve, one could also enjoy the pleasure of visiting Obonu tem and Se yo caves on the Hioweyo and Sayu hills.

The Shai people's ancestral caves, these were used by the Shai king until the end of the 19th century. The primary cave was defendable in times of war due to the abundance of great stone rocks, a tunnel-like openings, and overhangs.

A memorable day can be spent walking through the cool dry evergreen forest to the caves to see relics of old Shai settlements in the reserve. The loud bat colony that resides at the cave is an amazing site as well.



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