Event Video Editing,

$185 | GHs1,480


/ Post production

Package Overview

For video editing on events such as seminars, lifestyle, party, festivals, this package is made for those who want to have a fully edited video of their event. Extra charges; Maximum of 2.5hrs (150mins) of footages, $10 for per extra 0.5 hours (30mins) of extra footages, video teaser, for online cloud content $1 per GB if exceed 25GB, maximum of 2 revisions.


  • Video editing
  • Motion design / titling
  • Scoring / Sound design
  • Colour grading
  • 1.5 hours Max video duration at footage resolution (4K)
  • 4K
  • Video teaser
  • Edits / Project files.


Are you a tour agency or have tour packages?

No, We are into documentary filmmaking but we work with different tour agencies.

We inspire, connect and tell your stories through filmmaking.

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